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Why settle for less at your local bank branch? Now you can view and shop the deposit market on your iPhone™, iPad™, Android phone or tablet, or Blackberry!

Fiscal Agents Savings & Invesment Centre
is proud to present to you our first app for the mobile marketplace (serving iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets). Moneyguide is an easy-to-use, fast and thorough resource of interest rates for various investment products, including GICs, RRSPs, mortgage rates and more.

Fiscal Agents has been monitoring Canadian interest rate markets on a daily basis since 1977. You'll find our interest rates surveys in the National Post and the Toronto Star newspapers, as well as websites such as MSN.ca, Canada.com and Canoe.ca. Now you can carry our survey information with you in your pocket, for no charge whatsoever!

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