What you'll find in MoneyGuide
We at Fiscal Agents take pride in being a trusted resource for financial rate information, which is why we have packed MoneyGuide with a large selection of our available rate tables, presented in a manner that is easy to navigate and sort - whether you're looking for that specific product, or just an overall view of the best of what's around.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates
Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, compounding, 1 to 5 years
Registered Retirement Savings Plans
1 to 5 years
Savings Accounts
Daily / Monthly, Tax-Free, High Savings US$ accounts

Short Term Deposits
30-90 Day, 90-365 Day periods

Registered Retirement Income Funds
1-5 years, 10, 15 and 20 years, Savings Account

Life Insurance
$100K Annual Premium, $250K Monthly and Annual Premium

Mortgage Rates
Open, closed and long-term, includes discharge fees

Male, Female and Joint, ages 60, 65 and 70

Loans and Fees Surveys
Car and personal loans, Bank Fees and more!

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